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About Tim Van Horn

At age five, Tim Van Horn had already taken his first photograph and had decided on a life path as a “cameraman”. Growing up and traveling around Canada within the Canadian military; Tim was hooked on movement, cultural experience change and wanted to create a lifetime journey as a photojournalist.

Tim’s vision has always been to create innovative visual documents that educate, enlighten and pay homage to the beauty and wonderment of life itself. The fact that Canada is such a culturally diverse country inspires Tim. Currently, with the Canadian Mosaic Project, Tim sees himself as a creative foot soldier on his tour of duty for his people, for humanity, listening to, reflecting and studying life in everything and everyone around him. A mix of visual anthropology and a humanitarian mission the Canadian Mosaic Project is executed with an open exploring mind. Tim is armed with a camera in one hand and a grand vision to unite people in the other.